Unusual fluorometers supplied to SAHFOS

SAHFOS (Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science) have installed several new multi-spectral fluorometers onto their “Continuous Plankton Recorders” (CPRs) to enhance their collection of data.
The JFE MFL05W-USB multi-frequency fluorometers were supplied by Swale Technologies and will allow the simultaneous detection of several phytoplankton forms – (diatoms, dinoflagellates, green algae, cryptophyta and cyanobacteria) through excitation by LEDs emitting 9 separate wavelengths of light. The instruments also include depth and temperature sensors and include a mechanical wiper to ensure the optical sensor window remains clean.
The full story can be viewed Press Announcement – SAHFOS fluorometers -web

Missed the Boat?

Life’s like that! Soon after we finalised and printed our latest brochure a new family joined our portfolio – we just missed the boat. If you have applications that could benefit from using remote controlled or autonomous unmanned surface vehicles (ASV/ USV) then please talk to us.
This new range of autonomous boats allows efficient and safe monitoring, surveying and water-sampling. Several sizes (1.15 – 4.0m) are available with a choice of optional features and functions, suitable for the required task and intended location. An ADCP or single beam sonar may be fitted to the hull and water quality sensors may also be included. In addition, a programmable sampling system can collect water into several bottles held on-board, contained in an easily removable carry-case. You can find an overview of the range in our data sheet download section.

Sonar so good

The latest range of products available from Swale Technologies include Echo Sounders, Sub-bottom Profilers and Side-Scan Sonars (single and multi-beam). The latter are available with single or dual frequency transducers ranging from 100kHz to 1250kHz and 3 different size towfish. There are two sizes of multi-beam towfish for 3 or 5 beams, operating at 455kHz. All accessories are included including dedicated software, though the data are compatible with Hypack, SonarWiz and GeoDAS. There are three different towfish for the sub-bottom profilers, depending on the depth of penetration required. please contact us to discuss your requirements.